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Our custom development solves highly specific business requirements either by augmenting existing systems or creating solutions from scratch. We specialize in digital transformations.  Take your solutions to the next level in the cloud.


Boise Cascade automates their SawTek analytics, providing distributors with performance feedback in real-time and allowing customer service reps to focus on improving efficiency rather than compiling manual reports. 

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What is Custom Development?

Simply put, custom development refers to the process of making your software solutions work as well as possible for your business. At SSNW, our role is to customize the solutions that you have on hand to best fit your business’s needs. Additionally, we can create new custom solutions from scratch. As a matter of fact, custom development goes hand in hand with the rest of the services we offer, making it the ideal complement to the support, implementation, recovery, and assessments we also provide to businesses in the Portland area. If you have a business software solution that you currently use, but you wish you could optimize it a bit more, this is where custom development comes into play.




If custom development for your business software solutions sounds like a good idea, it is best to leave it up to a non-biased company that specializes in this type of work. At Strategic Solutions Northwest, we work with many companies to provide custom development with their business application software. Assisting companies to set up solutions that work for them is what we do.

Custom Development - Common Questions

Custom Development is a popular way to optimize your current business’s software solutions, or to create a new, custom solution from scratch. If you could improve your business’s efficiency and bottom line with a new software, why not give it a try? If this seems like something that your business would benefit from, keep reading to learn more about the process of working with Strategic Solutions Northwest on your custom development needs.

How will the company be able to help me?

If you are thinking about working with an outside company to customize your software solutions, there are a few things you may be wondering. To start, you might be curious about how a group of people you’ve never met can customize software for your business better than you can. This is a frequent question of businesses we work with. Let us assure you that your input is highly valued and appreciated as we work on a custom development together. During this process, we take all your needs into consideration to get you the solution you need. Our job is to work on the backend of the software to have it function in ways you may not realize are possible.

What is the custom development process?



During this process, we like to think of our role as twofold. First, we work with the client to implement a system that achieves their needs. This includes a discovery as to what the client is looking to get out of their software. The second goal is to build out this custom development. This includes working “behind the scenes” on the software to configure it to integrate into your existing business practices.

What are some challenges in custom development?



While we have our custom development processes and procedures down, that does not mean that there can be challenges along the way. Anytime we work to customize a software solution, the biggest challenge is to make seamless transitions while switching to new systems. This includes maintaining current operations as well as ensuring that the new procedures roll out smoothly. Like our other work, you can rest assured that lots of testing will occur in the background before a new, custom system is launched.

Do companies with custom developed systems see results?



In many instances, we find that companies we work with are very happy to have a custom developed solution and say that they would do it again. Making a specific solution for your business’s needs can actually save you time and money. For example, lots of manual work can be reduced if you have the technology that can automate this for you. Furthermore, integrating softwares together can give you a better idea on your business’s overall efficiency and help you find places to save even more money. Finally, with custom developed systems, businesses find that they can predict and forecast their seasonal needs in terms of supplies, employees needed, etc. much better than before.




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