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We understand the unique challenges nonprofits face in staffing, funding, and regulatory requirements. SSNW and Microsoft are committed to bringing the best technology to charitable organizations. We offer software licensing discounts up to 70% as well as fixed price projects exclusively for non-profits, so you can plan accordingly. See our chart below to learn how D365 Business Central stacks up against QuickBooks for your organization.


Accounting Software for Nonprofits

The focus of many nonprofits is to give back to the community. Oftentimes, what draws people to this line of work is the need to help one another. What people don’t normally associate with nonprofit work is administrative things like paperwork, calculations, and tracking the organization’s funding and spending down to the penny. However, just like any other business, these functions are critical to the success of a nonprofit. Since it can be difficult to find someone internally to take on these types of things, we are always excited to work with nonprofits to make these essential tasks much easier by implementing a software solution.

Nonprofits and Microsoft Dynamics 365



Instead of doing manual accounting or hiring an expensive accounting firm, we recommend that nonprofits consider using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for their accounting needs. This software has everything an organization needs to get organized from Accounts Receivable to Project management. Not only do we find that many users report that this ends up saving them more time, but it lets them focus on their organization’s mission. Why do we specifically recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for nonprofits? Here is a comprehensive breakdown of how the software stacks up against its strongest competitor.

Microsoft D365 Business Central
$28 per user per month* Take advantage of Microsoft’s software license discounts. 70% off Business Central, Azure, Office 365 and more.
With up to 200 users and no minimum, Microsoft solutions scale with your organization’s growth.
Flexible dimensions (account segments) for fund and donation tracking, as well as powerful reporting.
Audit trails for transactions and data.
Predefined and customizable workflows for better controls and approvals.
Utilize predefined user roles or customize your own.
Seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products like Outlook, Excel, and PowerBI. Powerful, intuitive integrations using Flow.
Familiar Microsoft user interface makes training and adoption a breeze.
Quickbooks Enterprise
$90 per user per month* *Based on Enterprise Gold cloud pricing at time of writing.
Limited to 30 simultaneous users.
Limited variables, such as category, class, and location.
No accounting controls, posted transactions may be deleted.
No workflow or approvals.
Limited to 14 predefined user roles.
Cumbersome, technical integrations using ODBC data connections.
An unfamiliar user interface is less intuitive.


Do you work with a nonprofit organization and need help with a software solution? It is best to leave it up to a non-biased company that specializes in this type of work. At Strategic Solutions Northwest, we work with many companies to implement the best solution for their nonprofit organization. Assisting companies to set up solutions that work for them is what we do.

About SSNW

Strategic Solutions NW is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in implementation, upgrade, project recovery, and support services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. 


Our greatest strength is our ability to solve problems for our clients. The problems we have solved range from creating and running the accounting function for a $500 million manufacturer to fixing the IT effectiveness of both small and large companies. 


Our greatest asset is our people. We believe experience is what allows consultants to provide practical, implementable advice. We are such consultants; our collective experience enables us to give answers rather than recommend lengthy assessments. Service is our primary driver. We understand deeply that we exist because of our clients.


Strategic Solutions NW was founded in 2002 by former big consulting partners and managers with an intent to stay small and deliver big! Our team brings over 150 years combined experience in the forest products industry. With an average tenure at SSNW of 9.8 years, we are a uniquely close-knit team of highly skilled business application and technology professionals. Our clients include timberland managers, hardwood and softwood lumber, panel, and plywood manufacturers and distributors. We have advised our clients in the areas of IT strategy, IT and accounting outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, custom development, ERP selection and implementation.


'SSNW helped us realize operational effectiveness and cost savings through implementing our new ERP.' – Jeff Goom CFO, South Coast Lumber


“We have come so far in such a short amount of time.  We have cut the number of software platforms in half and automated many manual processes, doubling our operating capacity.  We could not have done this without SSNW.  We now have the right tools for an exciting future.” - Stephen Achilles, CEO of Exceed Enterprises


Head Office

11200 SW Allen Blvd Suite 200

Beaverton, OR 97005

Tel:  (503) 924-4434

Fax:  (503) 924-4435

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