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We specialize in IT strategy through an iterative process that aligns IT capability with your business requirements. We establish such strategies with a view toward sustainable value, maximizing return on your IT investments.


Vigor realized the need for an assessment of their IT operations. Their application infrastructure was enormous, with multiple applications performing tasks that could be consolidated to a few already in use. Their IT organization, governance, and interaction with the business was in need of an overhaul. 


SSNW assessed existing business applications, IT infrastructure, organization, and governance, issues with the help desk, and controls. We were then hired to manage Vigor’s transition to the Cherwell ERP, developing a full technical architecture and mapping a path for future integrations and workflows.

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Learn More About IT Assessments: What are They?

Businesses use many types of technologies in their everyday activities. Whether your business is a manufacturing company, a local clothing boutique, or a 3rd party logistics company, there are going to be a variety of different programs you use to manage your daily tasks and activities. In fact, so many businesses rely heavily on technology, that oftentimes they take for granted how deeply it is ingrained in their daily operations. That’s where IT (information technology) assessments come in. What are IT assessments exactly, and why should a business undergo one? Find out more about the importance of IT assessments and if you should consider getting one for your business.




If an IT assessment sounds like a good plan for your business, it is best to leave it up to a non-biased third party that specializes in this type of work. At Strategic Solutions Northwest, we work with many companies to help them with their IT assessments. Assisting companies to identify the strengths and weaknesses within their daily practices is what we do.

Who Performs an IT Assessment?



In short, IT assessments are typically performed by a third party like SSNW to help a business understand their current IT usage and help it align better with company goals. IT assessments are pretty complex, but at the end of one, you will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses within a business, and determine where improvements can be made to promote business growth.


What do IT Assessments Evaluate?



IT assessments typically analyze all parts of a business that involve technology. This can range from company servers and their infrastructures on a macro level, all the way down to how technology procedures are managed by employees. Furthermore, IT assessments can look at things like how secure company data are, if cloud services are being used to their fullest potential, and if an ERP system is being optimized properly.


What are the Benefits of an IT Assessment?



IT assessments bring lots of different benefits to companies that heavily rely on IT in their everyday operations. To begin, one of the biggest benefits of performing an IT assessment is that it can identify opportunities to save money, which is always an important factor for businesses. For example, it is common for companies to be paying for more IT services than they need. Sometimes, they have multiple platforms that do the same thing. Rather than piecemealing a solution together, IT assessments can identify how to combine different services into one platform, thus streamlining daily processes and eliminating unnecessary programs. 

Furthermore, IT assessments help to identify IT risks that a company may not realize. Finding out important information like this can prevent hacking or other digital threats to a business. Finally, IT assessments can reveal what a company is doing well and should continue to do to experience more growth.




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