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SSNW provides integrated, user friendly accounting and light manufacturing solution to Exceed Enterprises. 

Exceed Enterprises is a nonprofit based in Milwaukee, Oregon that specializes in providing vocational, recreational and personal development services for people with diverse abilities. They employ over 200 people in a 32,000 square foot production facility for light manufacturing with additional off-site work crews for local industries.


In 2019, Exceed realized the need to shift base from Accpac onto a new cloud-based ERP system that could integrate their accounting and manufacturing needs. Exceed staff were maintaining a number of custom databases and spreadsheets, slowing down operations. SSNW was hired to transition Exceed to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, dividing the project into two phases. The project was completed within a year, using Microsoft’s SureStep implementation methodology. SSNW employed iterative Conference Room Pilots to provide real-time orientation for the software team as well as train the client.

 "We have come so far in such a short amount of time.  We could not have done this without SSNW.  We now have the right tools for an exciting future."  Stephen Achilles, Exceed Enterprises CEO




  • Fully integrate interface and workflows under one ERP platform

  • Provide a flexible, scalable infrastructure for growing segments with limited need for supplemental systems and customizations

  • Replace modules in discrete phases to accommodate small management

  • Perform transformation while maintaining current operations




  • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central as cloud-based ERP platform with customizable third-party integrations and add-ons

  • In-person training for managers and select staff




  • Automated operations

  • Improved visibility between divisions

  • Through training, provided a competitive structural advantage for all employees




Exceed was using an old ERP solution named Accpac (renamed Sage 300 in 2012). This ERP required a lot of manual onboarding, with custom databases and disjointed business processes. For example using an Access database for customers, which was not integrated with Accpac. Since Exceed had a very small management team, these systems were slowing down business processes and reducing visibility between divisions.


Software Plan




Microsoft Business Central


  • 70% discount for nonprofits, easy to implement

  • Geared toward small and medium size businesses

  • Provides a strong financial foundation and supply chain management capabilities

  • Provides a robust platform for future enhancements

  • Microsoft’s One Version services application and platform updates remove significant burden from IT resources


Third-party integrations




  • Designed for IDD agencies (Intellectual or Developmental Disability Agencies)

  • Built to handle unique requirements from state-provided funding

  • Provides integrated service tracking

  • Simplifies and automates billing






  • Utilize data from disparate sources to create immersive, interactive insights and reports

  • Designed for Microsoft ERP solutions



Game Plan


The project was divided in two phases, the first being the replacement of the finance functionality in Accpac. The second implementing purchasing, manufacturing, and inventory management, along with automated workflows within Business Central. Following is the basic timeline:



The project was organized around a gated series of stages, with the CRP method being used iteratively as a way to involve the client and provide training for core staff during the implementation process itself. Exceed has a very small staff working in management, which SSNW remained conscientious of while drawing up goals and deadlines, further providing some training documentation to help management succeed with the train-the-trainer model.

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