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Prior to their acquisition by Empresas Copec SA in 2012, Flakeboard was the largest composite wood producer in North America. Capitalizing on lumber by-product and underutilized wood species destined for landfill or burning, they manufactured a variety of particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF).  


In 2006, Flakeboard acquired three MDF and three particleboard production plants from Weyerhauser, a large American timberland company. This acquisition nearly quadrupled their existing capability, adding an additional 1.1 billion square feet of manufacturing capacity. However, Weyerhauser’s high-cost transition services posed a problem, and Flakeboard were six weeks before their month-end closing. Faced with the need for cost-effective, highly scalable integrated workflows and software, Flakeboard hired SSNW to cover the six-week transition.     


SSNW was able to complete the project comfortably within the time frame, saving Flakeboard over five million dollars in transition expenses. Having created and staffed a new accounting department during the transition, SSNW was then hired as an information technology outsourcer to manage and maintain accounting services for Flakeboard.  




  • Provide significant cost savings and seamless integration 

  • Set up a long term technical and physical infrastructure for accounting 



  • Leverage recent software implementations to seamlessly integrate accounting with the rest of the company 

  • Implement best practices, creating an accounting team one-third the capacity offered by Weyerhauser 




Due to our efforts during the transition process and continued best practices in the years after, SSNW was able to deliver a well-integrated, talented team for Flakeboard. We were able to save Flakeboard millions of dollars in transition services, and provide training for Flakeboard’s employees to take over all accounting functions. These functions themselves were simplified and far easier to use, given our commitment to best practices that include automation. 


Game Plan 


While we were completing the 6-week transition process for Flakeboard, we were aware that we were the end-user. This allowed us to implement a transition strategy that did not require training, knowing that changes and refinements could be handled in-house once the essential accounting needs had been met. 


Over two years, SSNW built a team of ten to implement a set of best practices. The practices included consolidating invoicing, evaluated receipt settlements, electronic invoicing, and electronic payments. Using our extensive process knowledge, we improved and sped up several processes in accounting, as well as other processes along the inter-departmental chain. Our work generated twice the output with a third of the staff initially offered by Weyerhauser. 


Strategic Solutions NW 


Strategic Solutions NW is a tight-knit tech management consulting company headquartered in Beaverton, OR with clients around the world. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we specialize in integrated software implementation and recovery, applying every solution with a business-wide approach. Our repertoire includes creating and managing the accounting function for 500 million-dollar manufacturers, specialized forest product experience, and longstanding partnerships with a swathe of major software vendors. Led by three partners with decades of experience in software and business solutions, we approach each client with a long-term relationship in mind, providing continued support and communication beyond project timelines. Contact us if you’re thinking of taking your enterprise to the next level.

SSNW completes project within tight time frame, saving Flakeboard millions in transition expenses. 

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