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Book Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultation

We can assist you with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet your business requirements by integrating various processes and reporting from project costing to employee onboarding and expenses. 


Why Choose Strategic Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultation?

Here are a few key points:
  • Integrate processes, reporting, and streamline operations for improved productivity.

  • Stay ahead with constant updates, propose additions, and vote on new features to ensure your system is always up to date.

  • Cut costs by moving to the cloud, shifting from CapEx to OpEx, and effortlessly scaling to match your business needs.

  • Integrate with other Microsoft products, streamline operations, improve employee experience, analyze data, and boost revenue.

  • D365 provides a secure solution for remote work and offers flexibility for a distributed workforce.

  • Tailor your subscription to the number of users, easily scale up or down as your business evolves.

  • Personalized recommendations and strategic insights to maximize the platform's value for your business needs.

Unify Finance and Operations

Integrate previously siloed processes and reporting from project costing to employee onboarding and expenses. Get the reporting you need to make better business decisions and improve productivity, all while improving the employee experience.  Whether your workforce is all in one place or all over the world, it’s all at your fingertips.

Always Have the Latest Features

Don’t get left behind by niche software that doesn’t keep up with the times.  New functionality and improvements are constantly being added to D365 for Finance and Operations.  With One Version, your system always has the latest and greatest features if you choose to enable them.  See something missing?  Propose your own additions to the software and vote on others with the Ideas portal.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

By moving to the cloud, you can reduce costs to procure, configure, secure, and maintain your software, hardware and data.  With monthly subscriptions, not only can you switch from CapEx to OpEx for a leaner financial operating model, you can instantly and effortlessly scale up or down as your business needs change.

The Bottom Line

D365 for Finance and Operations is an excellent solution choice for your business if you are on the larger side and need to integrate your processes on one platform. At SSNW, we love this solution for businesses who want a secure option for remote work as well, which is growing more and more popular these days. Microsoft D365 is billed at a monthly rate, depending on the number of users you have, and can easily be scaled up or down to fit your business’s changing needs. Finally, if you are currently using other Microsoft products, this solution integrates nicely with them. It is a great choice for growing businesses that want to streamline complex operations, improve the employee experience, analyze data to minimize risk and increase revenue.

"We've been working with Portland based SSNW for about 5 years and they are great. Originally we implemented AX2012 with them and earlier this year we upgraded to D365. We use them for development, support, and consulting.  They know and understand our business and are really an extension of our internal team."



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